Guadagni Canadian Immigration Records

Dear Mary, Michael, Mimi and Tecla,

Thought you might be interested in these pictures of the original Canadian immigration records for all 9 members of our parental (and grand parental) generation. They’re available free of charge on until tomorrow (Sept. 5) so I looked them up and found everyone. Mary, just like you said, Luigi and Zato came over the previous year (1923) and the rest followed in 1924. I couldn’t find Luigi at first but hunted around and finally found him as Gurdagni (incorrectly spelled). Like travelling back in time . . .


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Remembering Uncle Frank

 Frank Guadagni was a truly remarkable man. To his extended family he was heaven sent tutoring his children, nieces, nephews, friends and students on a regular basis. In my case his help was invaluable. I doubt I would have passed my matrics without his constant assistance. Both my sisters also benefited from his brilliant teaching. A friend to all who knew him, he was the perfect teacher.
On November 6th 1964, Professor Frank Guadagni, succumbed to a massive heart attack.  At the time of death, he was an associate professor at Loyola College, an institution to which he had devoted more than twenty-two years of his life.
Uncle Frank was borne in Florence in 1912 and came to Canada with his parents and six brothers and sisters in 1927. The family settled in Montreal where Frank attended Montreal High School and later McGill University. He graduated in Metallurgical engineering in 1937 with highest honors and was awarded the Governor generals medal. After five years in industry, he joined Loyola’s faculty in 1942.
One of Uncle Frank’s main accomplishments was the founding of the Engineering department where he served as its only professor from 1942 to 1959. He also taught all the chemistry courses at Loyola between 1942 and 1953. Uncle Frank was loved by all his students as well as those who worked with him. Bill Duley, one of his students commented in the Loyola news “that Professor Guadagni was the professors professor. He was essentially a good teacher.” Another of his students, Jacques Richer, wrote, “Professor Guadagni was in the words of one faculty member the finest teacher this college ever had. His devotion, ability, and even more so his sympathetic friendship was appreciated by all his students.”  Bob Boucher in his weekly editorial paid tribute to Professor Guadagni. He remarked how the “sentiments, which had been voiced in the past two weeks were felt, and expressed, while the man was alive. They are not simply the superficial show of sympathy, which follows most deaths. He concluded his article by adding, “what greater compliment can be paid a man, than to say that the praise he received in life was no less than he received in death.” Professor D. Hudson, a former student and colleague said “as a student I knew him to be a tireless dedicated teacher, the kind of teacher which a student runs into once or twice in his study career. As a colleague, I’ve been able to see more closely how deep this dedication was. His commitment to his students was complete.”
On the Thursday before his death, five students came to visit and talk to Uncle Frank at the Royal Victoria Hospital where he was recovering from a heart attack. He was very weak but he still managed to help the students with their assignments. This would prove to be the last time he was to teach as he died the next morning.
On November 16, 1964, a little more than a week after Uncle Frank’ s death, the college dedicated The Guadagni lounge in his memory. Mr. Sterling Dorance, Director of development for Loyola College, officially opened the new common room. It is still in use today and serves as a fitting memorial to a wonderful man who evoked admiration and love not only from his pupils, his colleagues, his family, but from all who knew him.


Francesco Carloni Autobiography

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The Will of Gherardo Guadagni

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Translated Email From Marco Guadagni

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License to Celebrate Mass

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Castle of San Leolini

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Newspaper Article of Le Progres

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The Famous Guadagni Art Gallery

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Carlo Guadgni and Francesco Carloni visit Lyon

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An Australian Connection Discoverd and Photographed by Miriam Cooper

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Francesco Carloni's Correspondence relating to topics of the Guadagni Family History or to the Lives of its Members

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Audio Clips

Edouard.lejeune Talks About His Involvement with the Guadgni Family

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The Voice of Adriano Guadagni Recorded in April 2007 Just a Few Short Months Before His Death

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